The Most Innovative Brinno Camera YET Has Arrived! The TLC120A-BK

You all know... Brinno is the leading manufacturer of Time-lapse Cameras in the world. Constantly striving for better battery life, innovative design and to bring you the latest technological innovations  you've come to expect from Brinno Cameras!

The latest addition to the time-lapse camera line is the TLC120A-BK

The TLC120A-BK Available in North America!

The new Brinno TLC120A-BK takes the best features from our proven line of time-lapse cameras, packs these features into a small pocketable cube and adds wi-fi, app control, weather resistance, instant sharing, a rechargeable battery and more. The TLC120 is the first in an exciting new generation of Brinno cameras. Perfect for travel, education, research, remodeling projects and daily fun.

If you want more info or to purchase on this camera please visit Adorama.Com currently offering a GREAT DEAL on this MUST HAVE gadget! 





A Brinno Camera For Every Lifestyle!

Brinno's best kept secret.  One product is selling off the shelves and no one knows. There are no Facebook video postings, no blogs, no chatter, not even rumors.The MAC200DN is a newly released, 100% portable motion activated security camera.  MAC200DN owners don't want anyone to know they are using them so there is no chatter... not even user reviews. 14 months battery life while watching your belongings.  Amazing! 

Here is a testimonial from a happy MAC200DN owner  "I do own 6 MAC-200's and 1 PHV-MAC. I did once conceal a PHV-MAC within a stack of VHS boxes (glued together) for a lady friend to use in her apartment." 

Learn more or get your own at Microcenter's on line store or retail locations.



Do sub trades involved in remodeling, like painters, carpenters, flooring specialists need to worry about recording their work?   Only if they want proof that they do what they have contracted to do, on the date promised.  The BCC100 is less than $250.00 and it gives visual proof of how you did the job, and even time and date stamps it. Any questions as to the work done are answered with a short video and the next client can see what type of work he can expect. Oh... the answer is yes, they do need the BCC100 for making time lapse videos of all their jobs.

You can purchase the BCC100 at Fry's Electronics and Micro Center Retail locations/Online Store OR B&H Photography.

I thought that making time lapse movies of cross country or even city drives was one of the dumbest ideas I had ever heard until I saw the videos and some of the still images captured.   Amazing! My friend said much of the cool stuff he saw while watching the video, he had missed while driving.  So this weekend I am going to go for spin with my TLC200PRO and see what I missed.  

Wanna try it for yourself?  Get your own TLC200PRO at or any of our Authorized Retailers.

The Holidays Have Arrived!

The inevitable question arises, every year around the holidays, what to get for the man that has everything? We at BrinnoUSA feel your pain so here are some solutions to make your holiday season a little smoother. 

We at BrinnoUSA have created a Holiday Shopping Guide with all of our time-lapse camera favorites. For the photographers, project managers, home security or self motion lovers, we have something for all of those special people in your life.

The TLC200 PRO is a dedicated time lapse camera and about as niche as photo gear gets. Creatives will love that it captures some pretty stunning clips. The TLC200 Pro shoots all of the footage in HDR time lapse , no stitching or post-processing required. For long term projects there is the Brinno TLC200 Pro HDR Time Lapse Camera Kit with Weather-Resistant Housing, Wall Mount, Memory Card, Batteries. Everything you need to get started immediately, 'Set it and forget it.' 


Home Security is always a concern. With that in mind we have created two security cameras that will put your mind at ease. The MAC200 is our battery powered, portable security camera. It is portable, easy to mount/move and two D Cell batteries can last up to 14 months!



For within your homes we have the PHVMAC a Motion Activated Peephole Camera. A hidden surveillance camera, the PHVMAC looks like a traditional peephole but is actually a digital camera, recording anyone coming up to the door, without their knowledge. 


For long term construction projects we now offer the Brinno Construction Cam Bundle (BCC100.) Our TLC200 f1.2 Camera, along with our waterproof housing are now packaged together for your convenience. The wide angle and extra low light lens means never missing a moment. You can use these videos to monitor your project, secure your site or as a showpiece in your portfolio to show future clients. 

Brinno has a solution for whatever you need and for a list of US Retailers visit us HERE and for a worldwide list please visit Brinno Retailers Worldwide

We leave you with this outstanding video shot by our own Authorized Customer Service Provider Josh Banks.