The Most Innovative Brinno Camera YET Has Arrived! The TLC120A-BK

You all know... Brinno is the leading manufacturer of Time-lapse Cameras in the world. Constantly striving for better battery life, innovative design and to bring you the latest technological innovations  you've come to expect from Brinno Cameras!

The latest addition to the time-lapse camera line is the TLC120A-BK

The TLC120A-BK Available in North America!

The new Brinno TLC120A-BK takes the best features from our proven line of time-lapse cameras, packs these features into a small pocketable cube and adds wi-fi, app control, weather resistance, instant sharing, a rechargeable battery and more. The TLC120 is the first in an exciting new generation of Brinno cameras. Perfect for travel, education, research, remodeling projects and daily fun.

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