Brinno ART200 Pan Lapse Registration Issue

June 29, 2016

This issue has been resolved entirely, we greatly apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Please uninstall the app on your device and install either version below.




June 27, 2016

The Android app has been updated and fixed and is available on the Play Store. Please uninstall the version on your Android device and install version from this link.

The iOS app has also been fixed and submitted to Apple for review which typically takes 5-10 days.

June 24, 2016

There is a known issue when users attempt to register a new Brinno ART200 Pan Lapse rotating camera base. Upon scanning for the device a registration prompt appears. No matter what is entered, an error is displayed stating, "Please Check Internet Connection." This error is not the result of the Internet connection, it is an app issue which can not be resolved by the user. The issue has been fixed there is an Android update available now and iOS is pending Apple review. We greatly apologize for this situation and everything is being done to correct this issue as soon as possible. We will update fixes below.


There is a solution for Android users running Android versions 4 or 5 (tested on 4.4.4 and 5.0.2). This solution does not appear to work for Android version 6, however, there would be no harm in trying on your device, there is no registration, the app simply crashes.

Download the following APK file to your phone.

PanLapse_20150514_Ver1.0.0.6.APK (1.3 MB)

Alternative dropbox link.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to view this page on your phone/device and tap one of the links above. This page is available from our home page, simply open your phone/device and visit and tap the ART200 Pan Lapse Issue link.

Once downloaded the APK file should be in your Files folder in the Downloads sub-folder. Simply clicking on the APK file will initiate the installation. You may receive the following installation block, tapping settings will get you past these screens and allow installation.

We hope this fix helps some users get through the weekend. An Android version 6 and lower app is undergoing testing and should be available on the Play Store next week. Check back here Monday for an update.